I am needing to sell my all black great dane. He's all black with a small white lightening bolt patch on his chest. Very cute! (They love him downtown at Vanity Pets - which used to be All Creatures Great And Small - and lots of people might recognize Bruce but not you :). I get asked about him when people see me without him :).
He is a pure bread.
He knows how to:
-lay down
-high five
---Goes to the car door when you say "car" (and travels really well - in fact, he's pottied in New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, Ontario --- a great travelling companion who will be missed!)
---Comes when you whistle
---Stays behind you if you say "back" (though he has trouble when he sees other dogs)
-he has started to pull on his leash again, but that's only because I've been bad and done most of our walking off leash. he should be easy to retrain as he picked it up quickly in the first place.
-he is good off-leash and will follow you anywhere --- doesn't let you get more than 25 meters away most of the time.
He is crate trained, 'potty-trained' and doesn't chew shoes (anymore). He is tall enough now to see onto tables and sniff up at counters. He will still need training to prevent turkey-day mishaps :) as this is new for him.
He has a great temperament, but since he is still a puppy is very hyper with other dogs. He can be rambunctious with new people as well.
He eats when he's hungry, so you can either feed him on a schedule, or leave his food on the floor for him to eat when he wants. He eats President's Choice Kibble, but has been on a couple of others. When I got him I put him on a raw diet (so you can go that way too--lamb, chicken, liver, kidneys, fish, goat --- he likes it all!). He takes awhile to warm up to new foods (or ones he hasn't had in awhile), but once he knows it's edible he doesn't have trouble with it.
The good news is, I've been looking for work for a long time. Now that I'm at the end of the rope, I've got an interview in Fort McMurray (where if I don't get the job at least I can work at Walmart). Unfortunately I can't take Bruce because I won't have a place he can stay -- and lots of jobs out there are shift work, or days/weeks away at a time. I really want him to have a good home. But I also need the money for gas to get out there... I'm leaving Friday.
His name is Bruce.
He can come with some toys, his food dish, and his dog bed. I can sell you my X-Large crate as well, or I will sell it in my brother's shop. 1/3 of a bag of kibble still left that will go with him.
He has his rabbies vaccination. He is unaltered.